Rescue Me

Rescue Me


Each new journal entry starts with three things I’m grateful for. This morning it was for the picturesque view out my front door. The sun was shining on the frozen tundra. The hay fields looked like crystalized threads. Icy sparkles shined so bright it hurt my pretty pale blue eyes. Landscape bling was created by our Father in Heaven and he is so artistic. He has the incredible way of capturing the light. Taking in all the frosty scenes had me mesmerized. For a moment I almost liked winter. When the melting drops hit me on the nose, then onto my camera from the roof edge, I was rudely reminded of the reasons why winter is my least favorite season. It’s cold. My already arthritic fingers were now too stiff to point and shoot. Blast. I will have to be content with these three shots and hope at least one preserves this fine morning. My refuge, a hot cup of joe, to wrap my aging digits around to melt youth back into them. Two of the shots were nice the other was dark. My next big project will be to catalogue over a thousand photos by year, then scan and download to discs. A tedious task, will surely use up one entire winter; gone. The question remains will it be this winter? I’m already three projects into it. One could be finished in less than an hour. Oh the conundrums we face. Journal notes rescue me from procrastination. I rescue myself out of do nothing to do something. I know one thing for sure; I’m instinctively motivated around others. My solo performances leave me dreadfully one dimensional. My designs are better developed if I play off another person’s energy. It feeds my creativity. Hard to ask the chair “What do you think of this color?” The sofa just sits there. The table never responds to my “Is it better with a boarder.” Well before you decide I need therapy for talking to my furniture, may I remind you home alone has a few flaws. Can one be flawed and brilliant at the same time? I am excited to go to the pound tomorrow. Picking the right pooch from the Humane Society has a triple fold purpose. First rescue an orphaned animal. Second bring four legged companionship back into my life. Third is for home protection, just knowing a dog can hear five times more than I is comforting. The barking may have the thieves second guessing this hit. I also see this new furry friend as my muse. My personal foot warmer may be able to choose colors decide on textures even provide inspiration during our walks and talks together. Who knows dog art might be exciting! Elephants can paint on canvas so there must be a medium for the creative canine. Whimsical whisker portraits. Random paw prints. Tall tail wagging abstracts. I can see the wheels of bizarre thoughts beginning. My cat’s tail is long and bushy. Could I dip it into cobalt blue mixed with hunter green; to sea what happens?  



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