Match Made in Heaven


Even on grey dismal rainy mornings I discover something joyful to focus on. Oh like waking up to dog kisses and wagging tail! My new canine companion is absolutely perfect. Not only is he doggone handsome he is also a gentleman. His manners are instinctive. Sit, stay, down, go potty, let’s play. Roush has decided that Papa my father in law is not nice. He showed his teeth out the car window and made his I dare you come any closer growl. His protective nature is one that I could only hope for from a rescue point of view. Some strays or orphans come along with nasty survival instincts or lack of attention habits. We fortunately lucked out with this orphaned mixed breed. Australian cattle cross with Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A great combination all 38.5 pounds of him. Not too big not too small. Smart as a whip. His only negatives are he doesn’t like the mailman, or care for little kids. He was mistreated by them in an unsupervised situation and therefore has decided he can live without them. Of course now that he has a loving stable forever home he can re-learn to accept family members one at time or in a caring environment where is doesn’t feel threatened. He has never bitten anyone which is good news. Although in the right circumstance say intruders break in when he is home alone he wouldn’t hesitate to use his teeth. Breakfast is before we leave, really early, so he is already sitting by the door in hopes there is a car ride about to happen. Not in the HHR. Not in a.m. traffic.  

Our day is spent rather kind of quiet, I am at my desk for a while so he naps. We take a potty break, then, begin chores. He tends to follow me around as if to say can I give you a hand sweeping up all those hairballs Memaw?

I will give him his milk bone and later half an apple and he gobbles that down in no time flat. If I am on the phone he hears Dadaw on speaker, he seems to think Dadaw is outside smoking and rushes to the patio to look for him. When Dadaw returns home two days later, Roush is overcome with excitement. Hugs, kisses, dancing, wrestling and general mayhem ensue. When its play time he pounces or rolls on his back all four paws in the air squirming around pretending to be big and bad. Dadaw happily obliges him. On the floor they play like too overgrown mutts and have a blast together. Then another nap. Weather permitting we play catch he rarely ever lets the ball bounce more than once and can jump up high to make sure it never hits the ground. He talks or barks making faces at the neighbor’s dog from across the cow field. With his left paw raised and crooked he will stop sniff and stare over the hayfields to check out what critters may be near. Roush doesn’t like to walk in the grass when it is raining. He does his business makes a beeline for the steps to avoid wet paws. The name Roush is a company that makes custom auto racing parts. Had we custom ordered our furry friend we could not have created one such as this. More over waiting as long as we did paid off, the right time, the right pooch, the right fit. WOOF! WOOF!





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