Back in the day telephone operators were women at the switchboards. Folks had party lines and the phone was better saved for really important news. One ringy dingy- two ringy dingy- the character played by Lilly Thomlin on the 70’s hit variety show humoursly depicts those times. The 21st century brought cell phones now palm sized. You can be hands free with a blue tooth curled around your ear. Does this mean telephone operators are out of work? No, it means large corporations hire for pennies on the dollar around the clock, keeping us busy answering up to 140 calls a day. As a phone operators better known as call center customer care representative (CSR). Cell phones are the tool of choice; you can call your mom, dad, hairstylist or BFF anytime. You can text, LOL. Send pictures download images, tunes or apps. As hardworking public servants we ask that you learn telephone etiquette 101. Here are the dos and don’ts.

Do use your manners at all times, humans respond favorably to kindness. We are not the ones who neither ruined your day, your life nor made the policies.

Don’t talk with your mouth full of food or foul language. We can’t make sense of what you are trying to convey.

Do not call from the porcelain goddess while you are inquiring about your account. The tiny microphone picks up every sound. Some things are not to be   shared.

Do have important information pen & paper ready. We need to verify who you are with your account number, SSI #, or date of birth; your mother’s maiden name isn’t Susan, Daisy Mae or Mrs. Jones.

Do turn off the TV, stereo, Xbox, quiet the dog, screaming kids, leave the restaurant and find a quiet spot so we don’t have to repeat ourselves. We have 4 minutes per call.

Do not order your big mac pay for your groceries while trying to find out why your account is overdrawn. Just because your debit cards swipes doesn’t mean you have money. There are no fee waiver courtesies.

Keep in mind that we enjoy being customer care reps. we genuinely strive on helping others. We are not trained in miracles. We cannot turn back time, nor do we have crystal balls. We do implore you not to call us while you are driving it is so illegal never mind the danger~!





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