A Simple Scent

                                       A SIMPLE SCENT    04-16-12

The aroma of flowering citrus tree is so intoxicating. In early winter you can catch a whiff. The thick perfume wafting in the air, as they bloom. Oranges, lemons, lime. I spent hours sitting on my patio in the cool evening breeze, the air full of sweetness. Adding citrus zest to any recipe clearly adds notes of clean bright flavor. Is it any wonder that I love oranges? I never used to like the color orange. The color purple has been my all-time favorite. Several years ago I saw this bright orange almost coral color stone at the rock and gem show; it stopped me in my tracks. How had I never really seen this color before? At that moment a new obsession began, the color orange. It appeared everywhere. It was almost as though I had been blind to the hue. Clearly some malfunction in my brain was now magically repaired and I the benefactor. My writing became more dimensional. Even my wardrobe was enhanced as I added this other section of the color wheel. As it often does my mind takes me on adventures. Exploration without leaving the yard. My first weekend in the sun found me turning the soil when it dawned on me my garden did not have enough orange in it. My quest to accommodate my idea, lead me to dig a new flowerbed. The west side of the house has the best sunshine. From my bedroom window as well as my kitchen window the view is so peaceful. I dug for several hours, dog sleeping in the sun next to me, transplanted 20 purple irises. They will be the backdrop of the new orange arrangements. I know that Citrus Sinensis will not grow well in Oregon. I may have to paint them onto the garden bricks for the full effect. So I will be content with mums, pansies and any other flowering plant with orange blooms. Speaking of pansies; the hardware store had a huge sale, customer appreciation, and one free plant with coupon. You know I was in that lineup. Low and behold there was one lone pansy, pale orange. I felt like I just found a golden nugget from the sluice box. Mums are my least favorite but their color is fantastic. Sweet fragrances such as honeysuckle and lavender have been my go to basics, adding orange and other citrus seems like a natural progression. I will further venture into making other citrus products such as homemade cleaner, potpourri, sachet, and bath bombs. During a wide web search for all things orange; the first choice, a link to a favorite website. Fiddler’s National Anthem. The history of the passenger train, aptly named Orange Blossom Special. That train carried winter weary travelers from New York to Miami. Seaboard Air Line Railroad’s first run was inaugurated in Nov of 1925, ran through to 1953. Hoping to show how Florida was booming, plus expand the tourism; many people flocked to the coastal region of balmy temperatures and sandy beaches. In 1938 Ervin T. Rouse wrote the now famous bluegrass tune called the Orange Blossom Special. They played this tune at the train stations welcoming the wealthy tourists. Ervin and Gordon Rouse recorded the song in 1938. The toe tapping, knee slapping fiddle song became what is known as the Fiddlers National Anthem. Ervin was somewhat of a savant. He suffered from alcoholism and mental illness. In 1981, at the young age of 64 he passed away. He was often called the most talented fiddler player ever to rosin a bow. You cannot attend any bluegrass festival without hearing several versions. Johnny Cash had an album of that song; his rendition was with his harmonica. Bluegrass music is in my blood. I cannot hear this tune without a thousand memories flooding in. Dance halls, festivals, and camp fire jams are jumpin’ when musicians play the train song. Some people might say they cannot stand that hoe-down noise, but, proudly those of us who were born with hick a billy roots we will always pay homage to that time-honored tune the good o’ Orange Blossom Special.



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